We serve the Annandale, Alexandria, and Falls Church communities in Virginia by providing opportunities to learn and play little league teeball and baseball for boys and girls ages 4-12.

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‚ÄčMason District Little League Hit-a-Thon Rules 2019

Each player gets 10 swings (not 10 pitches). Each miss or foul is half a swing.


  • T ball:  a tee

  • Softball: coach pitch

  • A, AA, AAA, Majors and Intermediate: machine pitch

If there are less than 6 hits after 10 swings, the player can use a tee for extra hits:

  • T ball players will continue using the tee for 5 additional swings

  • Single A players get 5 additional swings off the tee

  • AA, AAA and Softball players get 3 additional swings off the tee

  • Majors and Intermediate do not get extra swings off a tee

Measuring and recording the distance:

Distance is measured to where the ball stops its forward progress (it can hit the ground and roll) and marked to the next highest 10-foot increment (for example, a ball hit between 100 and 110 feet will be recorded as 110 feet)

  • Balls hitting the outfield fence: recorded as 210 feet

  • Home runs: recorded as 220 feet

  • L-screen/pitcher: recorded as 150 feet

MDLL records the six longest hits. The distance of those six longest hits are totaled for the player’s score.

Winners for distance:

The top distance hitter (the total of the 6 longest hits) from each team will be invited to participate in the Home Run Derby and have the chance to compete for additional prizes. 

Winners for fundraising:

  • The top fundraising team (league wide) wins $250 for a team party.

  • All teams with 100% participation from players, at any dollar amount, will be entered into a raffle for $250 towards a team party.

  • All players raising $150 or more will be entered into a raffle for great prizes.

Rain policy:

If the event is cancelled by MDLL for reasons other than weather, donations will be refunded for the portion of the event(s) that you purchased. Refunds are not given for rain delays or rain cancellations stated in accordance with the facility policy.