We serve the Annandale, Alexandria, and Falls Church communities in Virginia by providing opportunities to learn and play little league teeball and baseball for boys and girls ages 4-12.

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Swing for Your Chance to Hit in the

MDLL Home Run Derby 

Be a part of the 2019 MDLL Hit-a-Thon Action and Swing for the Fences 

Hit-A-Thon is Mason District Little League's fundraiser and a great way for players to practice swinging for the fences!

Hit-a-thon is similar to a walk-a-thon. Each player solicits sponsors who pledge to make a tax-deductible donation to MDLL. Our longest-distance hitters from each level earn a spot in the Home Run Derby.


Here's what your participation means to our baseball community: 

MDLL offers a lot, and our families do a lot too to make this community successful. The registration fees alone do not cover everything necessary or everything we dream of for our teams’ experiences here. With this fundraiser, we can do more.

MDLL’s biggest operating costs are the fields and equipment. Did you know that each field permit with the County has an associated fee? And the more field time we need and the more we use, the more we need to be able to afford. Field maintenance is crucial. We are glad to partner with the County but during the season, field upkeep and any supplies needed for field upkeep are MDLL’s responsibility.

Each year, the league also purchases equipment that gets worn out, or equipment to meet growing needs for quantities, or to meet new safety standards. Support during the 2018 Hit-a-Thon prepared us for the big increase in player sign-ups this spring! And, we’d like to be able to do more to ease the burden on families.

Thank you for supporting the 2019 Hit-a-Thon!