We serve the Annandale, Alexandria, and Falls Church communities in Virginia by providing opportunities to learn and play little league teeball and baseball for boys and girls ages 4-12.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mason District Little League
March 17, 2018

When does the Mason District Little League's baseball season begin?

SPRING – Major and AAA division team practices will start in March, and games will start the weekend after public school Spring Break. AA, Single A, and T-ball teams will be formed in early March and practices will start in late-March. Games usually start the weekend after public school Spring Break. See calendar for exact dates.

FALL – Major and AAA division team practices will start in mid to late Aug, and games will start after Labor Day. AA, Single A, and T-ball teams will start about Sep 1. Games usually start the weekend after Labor Day.  See calendar for exact dates.


When are games and practices?

All teams play games on Saturdays. AAA, AA, Single A and T-ball are typically in the mornings or early afternoon. Majors typically play in the late afternoon but games times vary depending on field availability. Majors and AAA play games typically have weeknight game which night varies depending on field availability.  AA can typically has one weeknight game starting mid-season. Weeknight games typically start at 6:15 pm.
Team manager and field availability determine days for weeknight practices. Practices typically start after 5:00 pm or later. Weekend practice times vary depending on team manager and field availability.
Majors, AAA, and AA may have two practices a week depending on the game schedule. Single A and T-ball typically have only one weeknight practice.

Where are games and practices?

In the spring T-ball games and practices are at Dowden Terrace. Single A are at Parklawn Elementary School. AA games and practices are at Jeb Stuart Park. Majors and AAA games are typically at Mason District Park and Parklawn Park. AAA practices are mostly at Parklawn Park, however Majors and AAA will use any available field including Dowden Terrace, Parklawn Elementary School, Jeb Stuart Park, and Bailey’s Community Center.  Maps to the field locations can be on the website under Fields.
Teams sometimes play games with other Little Leagues where games will be played on Mason District fields and the other leagues’ fields.


Which team should I sign up for?

Majors: Teams are typically 11 and 12 year olds with several years of previous LL experience.  This is a competitive league that plays games against other Northern Virginia LL. The coaches’ focus is on improving individual skills, playing as a team, game strategies, and sportsmanship. Players should have understanding of basics of the game, to be able to play catch from 80 feet, and to show confidence at the plate and in field. Players must tryout.
AAA: Teams are typically 9 to 11 year olds with some previous LL experience or 12 year olds with no previous experience.  The coaches’ focus is on developing individual skill and playing as a team in a less competitive environment. Players should have understanding of basics of the game, to be able to play catch from 70 feet, and should begin to show confidence at the plate and in the field. Players must tryout.
AA (modified player pitch): Teams are typically 7 to 10 year olds.  No previous LL experience required for older players. The focus is on developing individual skills such as pitching, hitting, fielding, and base positions. Some previous LL preferred for younger players. Players should be able to maintain concentration through out an inning, know what to do with the ball when fielding, and be able to play catch. AA modified player pitch is where the coach can help pitch or modify the pitching for batters.  This is done on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the coaches.  No tryout required.
Single A (machine pitch): Teams are typically 6 to 8 year olds.  No previous LL experience required. The focus is on be introduced to fielding, hitting a moving ball, and base running. Players should be able to pay attention in the field, to know each base, and know each position by name. No tryout required.
T-ball: Teams are typically 4 and 6 year olds. The focus is on hitting, base running, and basic positions. No tryout required.


How are teams selected?

Majors and AAA divisions: Teams are selected by try-outs and a draft selection. No player may request assignment to or selection by a particular team. Any players not selected by a major division team will then be a part of AAA league draft. Siblings within the division will be assigned to the same team, unless otherwise requested.
AA, Single A, and T-ball divisions: All players will be assigned to teams on a random basis, with the view of equalizing the number of players on each team. Team requests can be made, but no commitment is made that those requests will be honored. Efforts are made to put together players from the same school where possible. Siblings within the division will be assigned to the same team.


Are tryouts mandatory?

We typically only have tryouts in the spring. ALL candidates for the Major and AAA division MUST try out. Nine year olds and older should try out.


I can't make the scheduled tryout date. Is there a makeup day?

Any player unable to attend tryouts will be given an opportunity to attend a make up tryout, at a time and location to be announced.


What equipment does my player need?

All players should have a glove.  Players at the A level and above will need a protective cup and cleats.  The league provides all other equipment, including uniform. Some players provide their own helmet to avoid sharing with other teammates.



When does the Mason District Little League's baseball season end?

The spring regular season will likely end for all divisions in the first week of June. The fall regular season ends at Halloween. See calendar for exact dates.


When do the League tournaments begin?

League tournaments for Majors and AAA divisions are typically played in June and early July after the regular season ends. There are no tournaments in the fall.


When do the All Stars teams and tournaments begin?

All Stars practices and games for 9-10s, 10-11s, and 11-12s are in June after the regular season and continue through about 15 July.


How much time should I anticipate my player devoting to baseball each week?

The number of practices can vary depending on coaches and division; typically each team will play 2 games each week and practice 1-2 times per week at the AAA and Majors level. Lower levels will typically have 2 to 3 baseball games/practices per week.


Does Mason District Little League waive or reduce fees?

Families receive a discount and league payments are capped for larger families.  Fees may be reduced or waived, or paid in installments when circumstances warrant. Fee reduction or waiver requests should be addressed to the League President or Player Agent. Scholarships are available for any family on the reduced or free lunch program at FCPS.  Also, MDLL fees are recognized as some of the lowest in northern Virginia at a half to two-thirds lower than neighboring leagues.


What are the boundaries for Mason District Little League?

All players must reside within our league boundaries described in the map under the menu Parent's Corner > MDLL Boundary.


My son/daughter goes to school with players in MDLL, but I don’t live in the boundaries.  Can I sign up?

Little League regulations now children to sign up in leagues when they attend school in those boundaries.  A form must be completed showing proof of school attendance within the Mason District boundaries (found here when providing proof). If you do not meet the residency requirements or these new school location eligibility requirements we can help identify the neighboring league your child should play in.  We are always amazed at how quickly children adapt and make new friends when placed on a team with unfamiliar faces.  As you go through Little League these are often your children’s closest friends.


How do I volunteer?

Mason District Little League is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. We are always looking for individuals who are willing to lend a hand. Please contact our League President, Phil Headley, if you are interested in helping. He can be reached via e-mail at . Volunteers who will have contact with children must complete the LLB volunteer application form found under the Documents menu.